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Welcome to Derma Sculpture

Welcome to Derma Sculpture

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One of Derma Sculpture best seller is this treatment by using Nutritional Dripping method.

Nutritional Drip can be used as a treatment aid for any condition where low levels of nutrients or other vitamin or mineral deficiencies are suspected.

Nutritional Drip consist of vitamin C, glutathione, vitamin B complex, garlic and cindella. It is not only for lightening and whitening but with all the ingredients combination, you can get rip of cancers, healthier skin, enhance your immune system and increases circulation, aches and pains, improve brain performance, mood support to help promote calmness, anti-aging, allergies, hydration, rejuvenation; restoring youthful radiance, and hormone balace.

Most people will feel well immediately after completion of their first Nutritional Drip and go on to feel a sense of general wellness and increased energy for several days. We strongly recommend to do this treatment 3 to 5 times and 3 to 4 week once to get the best result.


Derma Sculpture Ultra Shine Program with natural beauty BB Skin Treatment. Start pampering yourself today and remember to relax during the treatment. Because soon you will have a Korean celebrity’s skin!

Ultra Shine BB Skin Treatment makes you skin look moisturizing, elasticizing, wrinkle smoothing, whitening and pore care at the same time. Must do for those who have dull face, dehydrated, wrinkles, dark skin, oily face, ance scar and skin pore problem. This redensity will brings you improvement up to 60% of skin glow, 56% elasticity, 59% of texture and 61% of hydration at your first time treatment.

This treatment duration is about 2 hour.


People nowadays applying various of product onto the face such as make up which most of them contains chemical composition.

Detox Brightening Stem Cell Treatment able to clean all types of skin. Deep penetration clean on skin and remove all the unnecessary dirt in the skin. You will able to see the result at your first treatment. People who is stressed with work, facial discolouration, dull face complexion, have not done any facial for some time and daily skincare are not giving you good result, this is the treatment you must have.

Instant result with treatment procedure:

  • Facial Detoxifying - To extract toxins beneath the dermal layer
  • Anti Oxidant Treatment - To brighten and de-stress
  • Placenta - To provide nutrient to the sub dermal of skin

With the facial massage by machine is essential for better blood circulation for skin and relaxes you as well as face mask are essential for making the face skin bright, firm and soft.

This treatment duration is about an hour.

Derma Sculpture

Derma Sculpture