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Welcome to Derma Sculpture

Welcome to Derma Sculpture

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As we age, the lips, along with other features of the face, have a tendency to sag and lose fullness. With diminishing support and elasticity of the skin, the lips can become thin and begin to sag at the corners. In addition, lines may begin to develop around the mouth and obscure the lip border.

Surgical lip method provide more lasting result than injectable options. Here comes Bullhorn Lifting to lift your lips up and you look younger. Doctor will analyze the proportions of your lip and give their recommendation on which procedure or combination of procedures would best help you achieve your desired result.


Sexy and kissable lips are all people wants. By using our method, it will make your lips look natural as well. Your lips will look hydrated and it added benefit of being longer-lasting. Not only it adding volume but deeply it contains vitamin moistorizing lips too.

The 3D Lip Enhancement procedure at Derma Sculpture is the manifestation of our belief that no singular approach suits all, and that every patient requires a careful, expertly-designed approach. In our opinion, it is not best practice to simply fill the lips with natural nutrients without considering aesthetic ideals, surrounding facial features, and of course the ultimate goal, which is to make you feel and look great.


Not everyone have a perfect lips but with technology nowadays, we are able to beautify uneven, thin, injury, face disfigured or others. If you have always desired to seek a pleasing plump for your lips, Lips Reshaping procedure is just right for you. It will not only augment the shape of your lips but will also significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines from the lips.

Lip Reshaping and revision is meant to add fullness to the lips in order to improve their shape and beautify it. By improving your shape of lips, you can enhance the moisturize of your lips as well. Derma Sculpture will mix and match and work out with the best solution and design individually.

Derma Sculpture

Derma Sculpture