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A presence of double fold makes your eyes appear bigger, more receptive and can be shaped to appear either more feminine or more masculine. Overall, most Asians will view the presence of double fold as being more attractive.

Double eyelid are getting important as time goes along. With the trends and fashion, double eyelid are considered more attractive, sexier and even cuter. Naturally, it will create more spirit when people look into your eyes. Double eyelid surgery is a must once in a life time no matter what age of group.

People finds it more attracted towards double eyelid. In some case study on facial attractiveness investigated by comparing the ratings made by male judges with the metric characteristics of female faces. 85% of male would have consider that the females with double eyelid were more attractive.

Double eyelid have been associated with certain desirable personality traits such as honesty and it also reflects a sense of youth and naivety. These characteristics are considered more attractive.

Double eyelid usually means a more visible eye globe. It is seen as a sign of fertility and healthiness. In evolutionary terms, this is one of the physical traits that are considered to be more attractive.


Dark Circles are annoying as it makes people look much older than what you actually are, but they also have you looking ill or unhealthy. Therefore, women often have to resort to concealers and make-up to hide their dark circles.

There are many reason causing dark circles such as lack of proper intake of water, genetic causes, sleepleness, stress, prolonged illness and computer hours. Many people does not take good care of it and slowly it become serious each day and find it harder to remove when enter the stage of aging.

Derma Sculpture are here to provide the best solution with non-surgical treatment and medical with 100% guarantee results.


In terms of skin complaints, eye bags and dark under-eye circles are amongst the most common. They can make you look tired, dull and older than your years.

Eye bag is down to fluid retention. This occurs when water is excessively stored in the skin tissue underneath the eye.

There are few reason of causing eye bags:

  • Sleep - Lack of sleep prevents your body from flushing out excess fluid, and instead, this gathers in the tissue under our eyes, causing eye bags to appear. For an adult around 8 hours sleep per night is recommended. This will reduce your susceptibility to eye bags and dark circles.
  • Age - It is a natural plart of the ageing process,
  • Lifestyle - Having an unhealthy lifestyle, salt; after having salt-heavy meal before go to bed you will awake with bags under your eyes because your body retain water removing make up; if you keep your eye make up on, it can have many negative effects on your skin. You may experience skin irritation around the eye area, and your skin’s ageing process will be accelerated, leading to wrinkles and dark circles as well,
  • Smoking - Smoking has many health risks and one of these is the damage it causes to your skin. Harmful tobacco fumes kill healthy cells in your body and break down collagen production. This accelerates the ageing process and appearance of wrinkles and lines. But smoking can also accentuate eye bags. It will cause your skin dehydrated and have poorer night’s sleep than non-smoker.

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