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Welcome to Derma Sculpture

Welcome to Derma Sculpture

About Us

Derma Sculpture was established since 2002 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over the years, we were expanded to more branch such as Johor and Sabah.

We are preferred aesthetic for celebrities, models, professionals, entrepreneurs and homemakers in Malaysia.

Derma Sculpture has treated many patients for non-surgical anti-aging aesthetic treatments for all ages using a highly sense of creativity. All treatments take minimal time to complete without any pain or scarring. Most treatments done have immediate and long lasting results using natural nutrients.

Customers can be assured of Derma Sculpture’s authenticity as it is a professional and highly skilled with licensed to carry out aesthetic treatments.

There is no downtime for most of the treatment in Derma Sculpture. We have lunch-time package for all which you can come in to have it done during lunch time and go back to work immediately looking more radiant. Your colleagues will not notice you have had a treatment done on your face.

What Makes Us Different?

We’ve got you cover!

We provides the best solution and the first-class services to our clients. Definitely you will feel comfortable with us.

Derma Sculpture

Derma Sculpture